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The future of ediscovery is in the cloud

Relativity’s announcement to no longer sell the on-premises version of their technology is more validation of what we at Everlaw have been saying for years: the future of ediscovery lives in the cloud.

McMaster v Kohl’s Department Stores and the importance of terms

At first glance, McMaster v Kohl’s Department Stores may seem like a case concerned with the Americans with Disabilities Act. But a closer look at the discovery process in the case reveals much more and serves as a reminder of the importance of search terms when combing through electronically stored information (ESI). The case has several implications on discovery that are worth noting and will inform the future of ESI and ediscovery in case law and how clients and firms alike should address it.

The collaborative environment of Storybuilder

The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened a not-so-new issue that has plagued the legal industry for years — a lack of tools for collaboration and remote work.

Latest Briefings

Reciprocal enforcement of judgments in Guernsey

Volatile markets and economic downturns typically lead to increases in commercial litigation. Onshore proceedings can commonly involve offshore structures and we anticipate a growth in cases requiring the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments.

Climate Finance – Where do asset managers fit in?

The initial focus following the signing of the Paris Agreement was on the commitments made by governments from around the world to take action to combat climate change. The term climate finance was equated with the financial resources committed by governments for investment in the transition to a climate neutral global economy.

Uber v Aslam: a win for workers

On 19 February 2021, the Supreme Court ruled in favour of workers in the Uber v Aslam case, marking the end of Uber’s landmark employment battle. The decision means that Uber drivers must now be treated as workers rather than as self-employed, entitling them to the employment rights that come alongside that.

British Virgin Islands – Regulatory Update

On 11 February 2021, the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission published the Financial Services (Prudential and Statistical Returns) (Amendment) Order 2021.


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