Improving productivity and efficiency with AI-assisted contract review and drafting

This paper consists of insights from a study conducted by Onit, composed of two parts: comparing the performance of manual contract review and drafting versus using automation by new users of ReviewAI, and analysing reporting from a client to learn how time utilization changed after adopting ReviewAI.

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How to implement a world-class defensible legal hold process

This white paper will detail the significance of legal holds in today’s corporate environment, why you need gold standard legal hold automation software and strategies to fuel your company’s path toward a robust legal hold process.

A new approach to enterprise legal management

When asked about business software usage and what drives the selection of software, people generally fall into two camps: the first group looks for the offering with the largest list of features; while the latter group favors ease of use, flexibility and adoptability. In general, selecting software based simply on the number of features it offers is perilous.

Doing more with less: how technology is optimising legal operations

Many folks in legal departments feel, and rightfully so, that the new paradigm is to do more with less money and fewer resources (and maintain the same high quality) – otherwise known as lean legal. For this to occur, technology must play a prominent role.

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Romanian draft law on 5G technology under strong criticism from both public authorities and private stakeholders

The Draft law on the adoption of certain measures concerning informatic and communications infrastructures of national interest and the conditions for deployment of 5G networks initiated by the former Ministry of Transportation, Infrastructure and Communications has undergone a new series of examinations from the relevant public authorities as part of the legislative procedure.

Insurance Bulletin Spring 2021

Although the full impact of Covid-19 on the re/insurance industry remains unclear, the need to retain capital to meet potential losses has contributed to a general hardening of the market after 15 years of soft market conditions characterised by excess capacity, low prices and more relaxed policy terms.


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