By Jason Coates, Ian Chapman-Curry, Kevin Gude

2019 promises plenty of developments that will keep trustees, employers and advisers busy. From Brexit to superfunds, pension professionals will have to grapple with new legislation, consultations and revised guidance. In this update, we outline nine key pension issues that are likely to dominate the pensions landscape this year, plus some other developments to look out for.

a) Brexit means Brexit, but what will it mean for pensions?
b) A “very substantial” Pensions Bill 2019-20
c) TPR to revise its code of practice on funding for defined benefit schemes
d) Launch of the Single Financial Guidance Body
e) IORP II amending regulations come into force
f) New provisions come into force on SIPs, stewardship and financially material considerations
g) Will 2019 be the year that guaranteed minimum pensions are equalised?
h) Going Dutch with collective defined contribution schemes
i) TPR announces authorised master trusts – how many will be left?