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How to optimize your real-time messaging platform

Real-time messaging platforms have taken the legal profession by storm, and for good reason. Messaging platforms are designed to ease constant ‘shoulder taps’ with quick, simple communications; and support knowledge sharing throughout a team or organization by including a variety of individuals in a given conversation. Maximize efficiency and communication with 4 unique organization strategies.

Inspiration from the trenches: Ploum

Feeling burned by bad document management systems? So was Willem Leppink, an intellectual property partner at Ploum. But when the firm decided to upgrade their legacy solution to NetDocuments, he found a whole new level of appreciation for what’s possible with modern document management.

How the Council of Europe United 6,000+ users in 23 countries on a single platform

The Council of Europe (CoE) consistently produces highly sensitive documents with detailed reports, recommendations, studies, and judgements—all of which were becoming unruly and nearly inaccessible to staff between nine repositories, various field offices, and local services. The CoE’s leadership knew that in order to maintain control of their files, a modern document management system (DMS) was the only answer.

Driving productivity through automation

Manual timekeeping is an activity that’s universally loathed by attorneys, yet it is essential to an efficient revenue pipeline. In order to drive productivity, greater revenue, and efficiency, the modern law practice must drive utilize automation for its professionals to streamline workflows that allow lawyers to spend more time practicing law.

Benefits of secure file sharing for law firms

Why secure sharing is so important (and beneficial) for law firms, what to look for when choosing a file sharing solution, plus some features and tools from NetDocuments that can help you collaborate on and share documents effectively and securely.

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Our future town and city centres

Post-Covid, how do we revive our urban centres, now and in the future? What does the future hold for work, retail, entertainment and living? These were some of the issues discussed when Birmingham real estate partner, Beth McArdle, chaired a session at the Big Tent Festival 2021 in Coventry. Joining Beth on the panel were: Siraj Ahmed Shaikh, Director of Research at Institute of Future Transport & Cities, Coventry University; Trish Willetts, Coventry BID Director; and Cllr Jim O’Boyle, Cabinet Member for Jobs, Regeneration and Climate Change, Coventry City Council.

Modernisation of the British Virgin Islands trust legislation

Legislative amendments to the British Virgin Islands trust legislation took effect on 9 July 2021 under the Trustee (Amendment) Act, 2021. The reforms introduce welcome improvements to the BVI’s Trustee Act and ensure that the BVI remains a leading offshore jurisdiction for the establishment, administration, and maintenance of trusts.

Blockchain Webinar Series | Exploring decentralized finance: Understanding the latest trends and legal developments

For sophisticated investors looking for the next opportunity, decentralized finance (DeFi) offers a new way to invest in crypto assets in an on-demand digital world. However, before jumping in with both feet it’s critical to understand what DeFi is, how it works, its potential return on investment and its inherent risks. In this session we explore the burgeoning DeFi landscape, outline key legal considerations and highlight strategies that are currently being offered on various platforms.


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