How the shift to remote work leads to A/V issues in ediscovery

More than six months into the work-from-home (WFH) revolution, more people are jumping on calls — both audio and video — than ever before, and the dramatic uptick in collaboration tools and virtual meetings has had a significant impact on legal teams.

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The future of ediscovery is in the cloud

Relativity’s announcement to no longer sell the on-premises version of their technology is more validation of what we at Everlaw have been saying for years: the future of ediscovery lives in the cloud.

McMaster v Kohl’s Department Stores and the importance of terms

At first glance, McMaster v Kohl’s Department Stores may seem like a case concerned with the Americans with Disabilities Act. But a closer look at the discovery process in the case reveals much more and serves as a reminder of the importance of search terms when combing through electronically stored information (ESI). The case has several implications on discovery that are worth noting and will inform the future of ESI and ediscovery in case law and how clients and firms alike should address it.

The collaborative environment of Storybuilder

The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened a not-so-new issue that has plagued the legal industry for years — a lack of tools for collaboration and remote work.

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Privy Council emphasizes primary role of trial judge as decision-maker in shareholder disputes

In the context of an unfair prejudice claim, the Privy Council recently overturned the decision of the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal and restored the decision of Leon J. of the Commercial Court of the British Virgin Islands, in effect ordering a mandatory buy-out, at a price to be determined by the court, of minority shareholdings by the majority shareholder whose acts were found to be oppressive, unfairly discriminatory and unfairly prejudicial to the minority, pursuant to section 184I of the BVI Business Companies Act.

BVI Company Law Series – Continuations In

In this first of two notes relating to continuations (sometimes referred to as migrations or redomiciliations), we look at the requirements and processes for companies which want to continue from one jurisdiction to the BVI.


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