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Technology and humanity – Is technology really serving us?

Technology already underpinned the work of many organisations before they started critically relying on it for remote working. In fact, it was already the substructure for much of our lives. From searches to social media and from personal data to algorithms – tech has been embedded in our existence for a while.

Bias: the internal drivers that impact decision making

We tackle how internal drivers play out in micro-decisions and macro leadership systems. If we’re going to tackle inclusivity thoroughly – and the cost of just ticking a box is too high – we’re going to need to go deep.

The strength of vulnerability in true leadership

In this blog, TPC Leadership Associate Partner Catherine Bardwell talks about how a very difficult personal situation led her to change her mindset around sharing her vulnerability.

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The crucial importance of watertight contracts in post-Brexit transactions

One of the main keys to sound business dealings are watertight contracts that encompass every facet of the production and supply of your services or products, anticipate all potential risks, both internal and external, and incorporate safeguards to protect the business.

Bottlenecks in the marketing funnel

David Skok was on the board of HubSpot, the Marketing Automation company in its early days, so he knows a thing or two about how Sales Funnels work. In this presentation, he notes that when he asks people to describe their organisation’s funnel, they frequently fail to do so concisely.


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