By Clio Team

It seems like there’s always a new must-have in the tech world, making it difficult to discern true technological advancements from flash-in-the-pan distractions. Cloud computing, an undeniably more convenient and secure way to manage law practices, is becoming the norm for many businesses—and has proven its value in our daily lives. We do everything—from consuming entertainment to conducting banking—through a virtually seamless stream of digital experiences in the cloud.

“That everyone else is doing something isn’t usually a good enough reason to join in, but cloud computing is the new normal and it’s becoming a case of evolve or die,” Mark Hill, chief information officer at Nigel Frank International, a global recruitment firm based in Newcastle upon Tyne, told Raconteur. Most software as a service (SaaS) providers charge law firms a monthly fee that can feel disruptive when the firm has already invested in on-premise software.