By Alex O’Connor

Home ownership remains the ultimate goal for ‘Generation Rent’, with price more important than location and deposits funded through savings, according to Collyer Bristow’s report – Home Ownership Attitudes and Aspirations. The report is based on the hopes of a panel of 20 to 44-year old men and women in London and the South East living in rented accommodation and in their own homes. It will be repeated annually.
Home Ownership Attitudes and Aspirations reports that 73% of men and 57% of women hope to buy their own home within the next five years. 29% report that home ownership in the same timeframe is unrealistic, with just 9% saying they have no aspiration to buy a home at all. 100% of 20-24 year olds hope to buy their own home, falling dramatically to 59% for 25-34 year olds and increasing slightly to 63% for 35-44 year olds.