Have you inherited a house in Spain? A guide to probate in Spain

Owners of real estate in Spain should give serious consideration, not only as to whom they wish to be their heirs, but how best they can minimise the costs, procedures and tax liability for their heirs and benefactors.

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Spanish assets can be transferred to a relative by deed of gift/donation

A Gift or Donation under the Spanish Civil Code allows an individual to dispose of an asset in favour of another person on the provision that the recipient is fully prepared to accept the asset and all the liabilities that may be attached to the asset passed to them by Deed of Gift, which also can be described as a donation.

Protect your business with cast iron contracts suitable to your cross-border trading landscape

Many contentious commercial disputes arise from a failure to ensure that terms of business within transaction-related contracts have not been properly reviewed in light of the nature of the business deal to be undertaken. One of the key issues is to make absolutely sure before embarking on a new business relationship that all aspects related to the services of products involved have been meticulously reviewed and the contract is fit for the purpose.

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