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Business and HR professionals must avoid getting things wrong when they are right

By Nick McEwen The coronavirus pandemic and the resulting economic crisis has brought with it the inevitable consequence of high levels of redundancies as organisation after organisation struggles to survive in the current economic climate. When a business finds itself in the unenviable position of having to make some of their employees redundant, HR professionals […]

Adapt or Die? How businesses can survive

By Nick McEwen It is not startling that the official government statistics relating to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) record the most significant slump for a considerable time. It should be remembered that the quarterly statistics are actually provisional. Also, the Bank of England has consistently taken a more optimistic view, as reported in the […]

Whistleblowers highlight the firms forcing employees to work whilst on furlough

By Daniel Theron As the measures the government took to assist businesses at the height of the coronavirus crisis are slowly being phased out and furloughed employees are being brought back into the workplace, it has been discovered that approximately six million of the 9.4 million furloughed staff carried on working illegally. Notwithstanding the fact […]

Legal recognition of video conferencing to enable a Will to be witnessed

The coronavirus crisis and the high level of fatalities have resulted in uncertainty and concern leaving many people recognising the urgent need to make a will. The significant restrictions of lockdown including social distancing and shielding aftermath have created obvious problems for people wanting to have a will drafted regarding regard to the legal requirement […]

The benefits of mediation

Mediation is increasingly the first choice as a method for resolving disputes. Giambrone’s lawyers in the litigation team have extensive experience of successfully obtaining satisfactory conclusions for our clients in a wide range of contentious matters both for our private clients as well as our commercial clients. The ability to get to the heart of […]

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A word about sustainability

It is perhaps better to consider Sustainability in business as a continuum. What does this mean?

Brexit: The final countdown to secure your workforce

By Tijen Ahmet In just 11 weeks, the UK is set to leave the EU, meaning now is the time for businesses to make any final preparations. On 31 December 2020, free movement will come to an end: a cause for concern for sectors such as construction, hospitality and leisure that rely on EU migrant […]

Why metadata matters in ediscovery

Metadata is data that summarizes other data. Every file saved on a computer includes some basic information about the file, enabling the computer’s operating system to be able to deal with it. The application in use (e.g., Microsoft Word) creates this behind-the-scenes information describing the information contained on a webpage, email, document, or electronic file. […]

How the use of AI in HR technology is transforming the employee experience

By Chris Shenton MSc We at Weekly10 were recently fortunate enough to be able to take part in Wales Tech Week, where our CEO Andy and I gave a talk on the ways in which AI is shaping the future of HR. This includes how we ourselves use machine-learning to provide richer employee engagement and predictive […]


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