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GDPR- Making a virtue out of a necessity when managing data

By Nina Bryant A new forward-thinking approach to reduce risk of data breach has changed the way organisations view their processes in a drive to protect reputation. Since it came into force in May, GDPR has had a profound effect on the way that all organisations manage their data and relationships with customers. Issues that were […]

Digital footprints – The key to successful fraud investigations

By Muthmainur Rahman A growing reservoir of data can now be used by investigators to uncover wrongdoing at an early stage and trap fraudsters before they do significant damage. From the moment they wake up in the morning, almost every human being contributes to their individual digital footprint. As well as our text messages, emails and […]

Perfect storm: navigating the compliance landscape in 2018

The first half of this year will see a wave of new regulations, prompting companies to rethink their data strategies By Sonia Cheng  By the end of May the landscape of how organisations manage information about clients will be completely transformed by some of the world’s toughest new legislation. The Payment Services Directive (PSD2), the […]

IT technology

Webcast: Predictive coding

While predictive coding is only just gaining acceptance in the UK, it received court approval in the US in 2012, and has been reaching widespread adoption ever since, particularly on matters with large document populations. As with all new technologies, it is important that the people using this software have a broad understanding of how […]

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What role does HR have in protecting staff in the physical workplace?

An increasing number of businesses are choosing to return to the physical office, whether that be once or twice a week, or full time. Either way, it is vital that employers ensure that the work environment meets the strict health and safety standards necessary in order to avoid outbreaks of COVID-19 amongst staff members. This […]

The end of normal? Law firm survey 2020

Our 2020 law firm survey, developed in association with The Lawyer, reveals many law firms were ill-prepared for the seismic shock from the coronavirus outbreak. The crisis has cast an uncomfortable light on firms with poor financial management or without the necessary technology infrastructure. The pandemic already appears to be widening the gap between law firms, with some now under real pressure.

Covid-19 Update – Coronavirus, domestic abuse and legal action

The difficulties with court listings and the inability to hold hearings in a normal fashion has now been underway for 6 months. The recent guidance set out in ‘The Road Ahead’ shows there is no likelihood of that changing in the near future. This means there has had to be a reconsideration of what delays are acceptable and what reasons are sufficient to delay final decisions being made for children.

The rule of six: Legal obligations on food and drink businesses in England

Whilst we have very quickly become familiar with the “rule of six”, regulations come in to force today placing a further legal obligation on businesses in England that serve food for consumption on the premises to ensure that, save for in limited exceptions, bookings of more than six people are not accepted.

Landlord’s remedies and COVID-19 – has the pendulum swung too far?

As another week draws to a close, in a time when every day seems to bring unexpected – and often unwelcome – news, the landlord community is reeling – albeit perhaps largely in a somewhat unsurprised and resigned fashion. This is due to the latest announcements from the government affecting the commercial landlord and tenant relationship.


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