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Speech-to-text that will leave you speechless

In a client’s journey a great deal of correspondence is produced. This briefing covers how intelligent document production systems can help your firm deliver first-class client services by freeing up time for staff to provide more value to the process.

Case study: Empowering the firm for efficient remote working

With a team of 70 dictation users, Ison Harrison implemented SpeechLive to empower their staff with a document production tool that supported staff working remotely. SpeechLive manages the firm’s dictation and transcription work through a cloud platform, allowing solicitors and admin staff to efficiently collaborate from wherever they happen to be.

Intelligent document creation for a new way of working

Digital transformation is not sparing the legal industry. Ever-increasing regulations and growing competitive pressure are forcing law firms to reassess the way they work to streamline internal processes. Improving the workflow of legal correspondence and documentation is part of that journey – and this is where an innovative document production system with integrated speech recognition can make a difference.

How voice-based document production helps your firm win more business

Throughout the lifecycle management of a client, a great deal of correspondence and documentation is produced. This briefing explains how a speech-to-text document production process can transform client responsiveness and help the firm win more business.

Remote working – Get the most of your virtual team

If you manage or are part of a team that work together but are sited in different locations or working outside traditional office hours, chances are you depend on collaboration and sharing tools to make your work life easier.

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European Access Plan: Your gateway to business in the EU

On 24 December 2020, the UK officially left the European Union and, under the Brexit agreement, is now a third country to the EU, outside both the single market and customs union. The change means that UK-EU cross-border business activities are now subject to a number of trade barriers, including adjusted and strengthened border controls and additional administrative work.

Costs risk in appeals from the Irish tax appeals commission

The Finance (Tax Appeals) Act, 2015 introduced a new architecture for the hearing and determination of tax appeals. Amongst other changes, the Tax Appeals Commission (the “TAC”) replaced the Appeal Commissioners, with appeals directly to the High Court only on question(s) of law arising from the TAC’s determination (a ‘case stated’), rather than to the Circuit Court on the basis of a full rehearing of the tax appeal.

EAEU Treaty on trademarks comes into effect

The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) Treaty on Trademarks, Service Marks and Appellations of Origin of Goods came into effect on April 26, 2021. It serves as a foundation document for the formation of a regional system within EAEU territory.

Banking leaders discuss keeping pace with growth, digital transformation and driving operational efficiency

In a live webinar hosted by the Financial Times, Clare Hart, CEO of Williams Lea, joined two top operational leaders in the corporate and investment banking industry, David Sliney, Chief Operating Officer of investment bank, Stifel and Paul Poggi, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of specialist M&A advisor, Harris Williams, in a panel discussion on the intense pressure within corporate and investment banks to find better and more cost effective ways of running core support functions.


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