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Antitrust review 2021 for Mozambique

The competition framework was introduced in Mozambique in 2013 and has, since then, been completed and complemented by a few legislative acts. Even though the new framework mirrors, to a large extent, EU and Portuguese competition law, it remains to be seen how its provisions will be interpreted and effectively implemented by the Competition Regulatory Authority. The first steps towards the operationalisation of the competition enforcer were taken in April 2020, when the Mozambican government appointed Mr Júlio João Pio as President of the Board of the Competition Regulatory Authority.

Equatorial Guinea – Law on tax incentives

On 7 July 2020, the Parliament passed Law 1/2020, setting forth tax incentive-related measures applicable to all taxpayers, resident and non-resident individuals and companies with tax debts towards the State of Equatorial Guinea.

Angola: amendments to the personal income tax code

Law no. 28/2020, of 22nd July, 2020, approved several amendments to the Personal Income Tax (“PIT”) Code. Among the several amendments, we highlight the following: • Taxable Base • Broadening of the taxable base to all rights, benefits and pecuniary or financial advantages earned by employees or service providers, work related and not included in […]

Antitrust review 2021 for Angola

This article summarises the recently adopted Angolan competition regime. Driven by the President of the Republic’s wishes to establish a fully fledged market economy, and by certain incentives of the International Monetary Fund, it was introduced in 2018, and has since been completed and complemented by several subsequent legislative acts. Even though the new framework mirrors, to a large extent, EU competition law, it remains to be seen how a few of its unclear provisions will be interpreted and effectively implemented by the Competition Regulatory Authority (CRA), which has been up and running since 2019.

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SRA provides some breathing space for law firms struggling to obtain PI cover

By Zarina Lawley The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) recently published a useful Q&A article on their website which we recommend all law firms take the time to read. It summarises some of the most common queries the SRA has received from solicitors about their rules and the potential impact of Coronavirus. The article discusses professional […]

New transparency measures in the public procurement field

1. Background Despite the constant update of the public procurement legal framework, the Romanian authorities have signalled several issues related to the public procurement contracts granted to certain companies, in circumstances which are not able to comply, in all cases, with the general principles of transparency and equal treatment. Thus, in order to ensure the […]

Montenegro: Insight into the New Companies Act

The new Montenegrin Companies Act which entered into force on 11 July 2020, is an innovative and thoroughgoing codification of Montenegrin Corporate Law. The legislator opted for a comprehensive legal instrument which, compared to the previous law, contains more detailed and exhaustive rules determining the establishment, management, restructuring, termination and functioning of business entities.

Coronavirus Digest no. 2: Patents and other intellectual property rights

Second volume of the Digest prepared by PLMJ and Inventa International on the crossover between the area of intellectual property and the challenges of COVID-19, especially regarding patents and utility models, as well as all the information on the path to obtaining a vaccine.


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