The Budget Day Package 2018 contains a separate bill (‘Fiscal greening measures 2019’) with measures to reduce CO2 emissions. The proposal includes, among other things, the following changes in energy tax:

  • Promoting electrification: shifting energy load from natural gas to electricity. The tariff in the first disc for natural gas is increased by EUR 3ct / m2, and the tariff in the first disc for electricity is reduced by EUR 0.72ct / kWh. In this way, gas consumption is discouraged. According to the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency per year, this shift leads to about 2 Petajoules (PJ) a decrease in gas consumption per year, and a 0.1 PJ increase in electricity consumption in the Netherlands in 2030. On balance, this results in a decrease in CO2 emissions. emission of about 0.1 Mton per year.
  • The discount energy tax that applies per connection for the energy tax on electricity is reduced from EUR 308.54 to EUR 257.54. With the proceeds from this reduction, the government wants to reduce taxes on income and profits for citizens and businesses.
  • The waste tax is more than doubled, from EUR 13.21 to EUR 31.39 per ton.