Electronic personalities and legal responsibility of robotic systems with AI technology

Based on the definition of artificial intelligence as “software and hardware systems with many abilities such as displaying human behaviour, numerical logic, motion, speech and sound perception”,  who will have legal responsibility apart from the damages caused by artificial intelligence created with software coded by humans and should artificial intelligence be included in the concept of “person” in the world of law?

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Digitalisation of the health services in Turkey

With the developing technology and changing consumer behaviors and demands, we see that many sectors have undergone profound changes in recent years, some sectors have completely disappeared, and new ones have emerged.

Localisation of data storage through cloud computing systems

The article includes legal assessments for institutions that receive data storage services through cloud computing systems regarding whether there is an obligation to keep data in storage centers domestically within the scope of data storage services to be received through cloud computing systems.

What does the new European Union medical device regulation bring?

The Medical Device Directive (“MDD”) of the European Council numbered 93/42/EEC, which came into force in 1993 and amended in 2007 with the Directive 2007/47 /EC, was the primary regulation in the field of medical devices in the European Union (“EU”) for many years and has served to harmonize the legislation on medical devices among […]

Digitalisation steps in the maritime industry

The concept of the fourth industrial revolution or in other words, Industry 4.0 which has become widely heard in recent years; aims to combine the information technologies to transform or replace existing production processes with more efficient and low-cost production systems. Industry 4.0 affects many industries through its components such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things, mobile devices, smart sensors and augmented reality and the like. Although the maritime industry does not come up as often as the examples in land and air transportation, it seems to have begun to keep up with this new era. In this article, we will examine the autonomous vessels and digitalised ports which become the most prominent topics.

Cloud Computing Technologies and Its Legal Dimension

I. INTRODUCTION Cloud database is the system where the data is stored by means of the hardware (such as computers, storage units, etc.) through the system located in a remote place from the computer that generates the data. Those data become available for the re-access of the user from the place where the data is stored […]

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Pubs, bars and restaurants using apps – managing Covid-19 restrictions

Covid-19 restrictions on the leisure, food & drink sector were relaxed in England on the 4 July, with other nations in the UK on differing timetables, and businesses are turning to app-based solutions to aida transition back to some form of normality. This briefing covers considerations for procuring and deploying mobile apps to manage Covid-19 restrictions.

Government announces £80m investment to cut emissions from homes and industry

As part of its decarbonisation agenda the Government has announced that it will invest nearly £80 million towards reducing carbon emissions across homes and energy intensive businesses. The announcement forms part of wider efforts to ensure the UK meets its legally binding target to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

Angola: Mergers & Acquisitions 2020

Susana Almeida Brandão (Managing Associate) and Vanusa Gomes (Managing Associate of ASP Advogados – VdA Legal Partners member in Angola) write a chapter for ICLG Mergers & Acquisitons 2020, an international guide that compares legislation from around the world. The lawyers write the Angola chapter where they explain and develop the country’s mergers and acquisitions […]


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