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Localisation of data storage through cloud computing systems

The article includes legal assessments for institutions that receive data storage services through cloud computing systems regarding whether there is an obligation to keep data in storage centers domestically within the scope of data storage services to be received through cloud computing systems.

What does the new European Union medical device regulation bring?

The Medical Device Directive (“MDD”) of the European Council numbered 93/42/EEC, which came into force in 1993 and amended in 2007 with the Directive 2007/47 /EC, was the primary regulation in the field of medical devices in the European Union (“EU”) for many years and has served to harmonize the legislation on medical devices among […]

Digitalisation steps in the maritime industry

The concept of the fourth industrial revolution or in other words, Industry 4.0 which has become widely heard in recent years; aims to combine the information technologies to transform or replace existing production processes with more efficient and low-cost production systems. Industry 4.0 affects many industries through its components such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things, mobile devices, smart sensors and augmented reality and the like. Although the maritime industry does not come up as often as the examples in land and air transportation, it seems to have begun to keep up with this new era. In this article, we will examine the autonomous vessels and digitalised ports which become the most prominent topics.

Cloud Computing Technologies and Its Legal Dimension

I. INTRODUCTION Cloud database is the system where the data is stored by means of the hardware (such as computers, storage units, etc.) through the system located in a remote place from the computer that generates the data. Those data become available for the re-access of the user from the place where the data is stored […]

Trademark Rights Infringements on the Internet

As the internet is getting used more widely nowadays, the trademark rights infringements is increasing through unfair gain in the virtual media obtained by persons who are not right holders with the conflict of some industrial property rights. With the Industrial Property Law No. 6769 (”IPL“), it is clearly determined in which case the use […]

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Impact on the management of employees

Should my company have a contingency plan? What measures should the plan include? Can I/should I isolate my employees, conduct health checks or questionnaires on their private life? Given the current situation, companies have to set up a contingency plan appropriate to the workplace and in accordance with the guidelines of the Health (“DGS”) and […]

Status of intellectual property offices in CEE

Due to the impact of COVID-19, several Intellectual Property Offices (IPOs) have announced adapted guidelines and information on the current status of proceedings and deadlines.


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