Effecting legal arrangements and executing documents remotely: have we got the hang of this yet?

In this expanded article, we take a broader look at the ways in which different kinds of documents – from written resolutions to wills – can be executed remotely.

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Employment Act 2000: Government bill proposes significant overhaul

At the end of November 2020 the Government tabled various bills in the House of Assembly that will, if they complete the full legislative process, introduce several amendments to Bermuda’s employment legislation. This article is Part 1 of a series of articles in which we will discuss the proposed amendments and the practical implications they may have for employers and employees in Bermuda.

Executors Navigating The “Perfect (Company) Storm”

Corporate governance has become one of the most hotly debated topics in recent years. Whether it be board diversity, corporate culture or succession planning, directors across the world have hugely diverse opinions. But what happens when there is no-one to steer the ship?

Cayman regulatory newsletter Q4 2020

2020 draws to a close, ending an unprecedented year shaped by a pandemic. It’s also been an active year on the Cayman regulatory front. Appleby Cayman’s final update for the year takes a closer look at significant developments over the past quarter and wraps with a Top 10 list of Key Regulatory Developments for 2020.

Finding focus after covid-19

By Jerome Wilson Bermuda’s economy has been buffeted by the challenges of COVID-19 during 2020. But a robust response from government working closely with the private sector appears to have put it in a good position to take advantage of numerous opportunities emerging in a post-pandemic world. Eight leaders discussed this issue in a virtual […]

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Relational leadership: How to inspire others

Two of the greatest assets in a leader’s toolkit are their ability to lead towards a purpose, and their capacity to help people extract meaning. When harnessed, they become the backbone of resilience in the face of troubling times, the inspiration for the courage needed when uncertainty is ahead, and the power to stay on course to impact something greater than ourselves.

You’ve adopted some great tech, but what’s next?

Every savvy business professional understands that ROI is tricky to calculate, especially when it comes to technology. Indeed, when new systems are considered, committees often review pessimistic and optimistic ROI calculations, create in-depth score cards to measure competitors against, and sit through endless sales pitches and demos in the hopes that they’ll catch a glimpse of that single feature that will be key to user success.


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