Do you need to make a late application for settled status?

The deadline for applying to the European Settlement Scheme to obtain pre-settled or settled status passed on 30 June 2021. However, the Home Office has made it clear that there is flexibility and late applications will be considered. This provision may not last forever and anyone who has missed the deadline should take action immediately to apply.

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The vital importance of correct procedure and conduct in a redundancy process

Employers and HR professionals must be constantly aware that inappropriate terminology and “joke” comments directed by senior staff towards their subordinates should be swiftly dealt with when discovered. If sexist, ageist or homophobic terms are used, even if intended to be humorous, it must be stamped out or risk the situation escalating to the degree that the organisation finds that such comments feature in a claim in the employment tribunal.

A guide to damages for personal injury following an accident in Italy

Under Italian law the person or organisation that causes an accident that results in injury to a person or persons and damage to property has a duty to restore the victim to the position they would have been in had the accident not occurred, as set out in articles 2043 and 2054 of the Civil Code.

Outstanding debt? Mediation may make your debtors pay up

As businesses are attempting to regain their previous position in the market following the restrictions and limitations brought about by the pandemic, many are facing a situation where they have outstanding invoices which considerably exceed their terms of business.  Normally most companies would seek a legal option and take a firm stance towards their debtors […]

Arbitration: an alternative route to dispute resolution

The unprecedented commercial environment that has been experienced over the past few months has inevitably caused many businesses to lose ground, which can lead to failure to honour contracts and failure to settle invoices.

Latest Briefings

Portugal: Rent updating coefficient to apply in 2022

Under article 24 of Law 6/2006 of 27 February, which approved the New Urban Renting Rules, and article 11(5) of Decree-Law 294/2009 of 13 October, which approved the New Rural Renting Rules, the National Statistics Institute is responsible for calculating the annual rent update coefficient applicable to urban and rural leases. This coefficient must then be published in a notice appearing in the official gazette, Diário da República, no later than 30 October of each year.

How will costs be treated in a no-fault divorce?

At the end of this month, court fees are increasing. The change is the result of a consultation led by the Ministry of Justice earlier in the year which considered whether court fees should be increased by inflation.

Limited network exemption under PSD2 – EBA consults on Draft Guidelines

In summer 2021 the European Banking Authority published Draft Guidelines on the limited network exemption under the Payment Service Directive 2 for consultation. The Draft Guidelines are meant to foster supervisory convergence amongst the EU’s national competent regulators.

Energy Innovators Roundtable series: Reshaping regulation to recognize the imperative for technological change

Whether they like it or not, energy regulators are the new gatekeepers of the technology shift that is needed to meet Canada’s carbon reduction goals. This will require significant and near-term changes to the construct under which Canada’s utilities have traditionally been regulated. Traditional regulation doesn’t incent utilities to retire technology simply because something better has come along. Should regulation transition from “used and useful” to “better”? Join Gowling WLG for the first 2021 roundtable in the Energy Innovators Roundtable series.


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