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New investment screening mechanism in Slovakia

On 1 February 2021, the Slovak Ministry of Economy submitted an investment screening proposal to the government. This proposal was approved by the National Council (with amendments) on 5 February 2021 and is scheduled to enter in force on 1 March 2021.

Czech Republic: Competition authority battles non-cooperative competitors

The Office for the Protection of Competition recently issued two press releases in which it confirmed one fine and imposed another on non-cooperative competitors, the first for an obstruction during a dawn raid and the second for not replying to a request for information.

New FDI rules come into force in the Czech Republic on 1 May 2021

Since the adoption of the EU foreign direct investment (“FDI”) regulation, the necessity of introducing a screening mechanism at the national level has been gaining momentum amongst Member States. This is particularly true for the CEE region, as most CEE jurisdictions did not have such mechanisms in place.

The Complex Commercial Litigation Law Review – Edition 3: Chapter Austria

Austria has a civil law system; the codification of the main civil law provisions, the Austrian Civil Code (ABGB), includes core concepts of contract law and dates back more than 200 years. The ABGB governs legal relationships between consumers as well as consumers and companies. Similarly, the Austrian Commercial Code (UGB), which regulates business relationships […]

Latest Briefings

Who should pay for fire safety building remediation costs?

In December 2020, we reported on the vote by the House of Lords on amendments to the Fire Safety Bill relating to the remediation costs associated with the replacement of the dangerous cladding panels and other fire safety defects. Both the Fire Safety Bill and the Building Safety Bill are anticipated to come into effect early this year.

‘Diversity is a given, Inclusion is a choice’ – actionable ideas

In our 3rd blog in the series, ‘Diversity is given, Inclusion is a choice’, Annelieke Jense and Frouke Horstmann provide practical ways based on their experience working with clients on how organisations can create a true inclusive culture by installing processes that mitigate unconscious biases.


moving quickly

The speed read: partner rewards, afterthought offices and NQs relax

The issue of how best to reward partners never goes away What are the biggest quandries for law firm leaders right now? It’s a long list: staff wellbeing, business stability, strides in diversity and client satisfaction, but another never-ending problem is how to keep the partnership happy. Often that involves a complete overhaul of a […]

Beijing China

Baker Botts exits mainland China with Beijing closure

Houston-headquartered Baker Botts is the latest to pull out of mainland China as the firm plans to close its Beijing office by December this year. Baker Botts leaves China’s capital city after 13 years. The firm opened its second Asia base in Beijing in 2007, when it highlighted the importance of Beijing in Chinese decision-making […]

Juan Guaidó

Venezuelan gold wrangle heads back to Commercial Court after Maduro appeal

The Court of Appeal has set aside the lower court’s decision in Venezuela’s attempt to access $1bn of gold held at the Bank of England. In the original ruling, which was handed down in July, Mr Justice Teare found that it is the British Government’s prerogative to decide who it views as Venezuela’s legitimate head […]

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