Coronavirus Angola: Impact on the operation of industries and trade in general

Presidential Decree 142/20, of 25 May, maintains the permission to pursue industrial activities and trade in general, although establishing some restrictions mainly on opening hours for commercial establishments and organization of work. This statute is supplemented by Presidential Decree no. 298/20, of 20 November, which updates the exceptional and temporary measures to be adopted where a provincial or municipal cordon sanitaire is decreed.

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Impact on the management of employees

Should I have a contingency plan in the company? What measures should the plan provide for? May the company isolate its employees, and/or conduct health check-ups or questionnaires on their private lives? Although the law does not expressly require companies to prepare and put in place a Contingency Plan, such obligation appears to be required […]

Impact on litigation matters

Are the courts still functioning? With the approval of the situation of public calamity (cf. Decree 79/2020), there is no longer an express reference in regards to the functioning of the courts. In any case, the courts have always remained in operation, although some restrictions apply. Public institutions shall remain in operation. Notwithstanding, the measures […]

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