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Cayman Islands voluntary liquidations 2020

By Marc Randall, Mervin Solas, Natasha Morgan As year end approaches, it is time to start planning the liquidation of Cayman Islands entities that have reached the end of their life cycle to avoid unnecessary fees. In order to prevent the expense of annual 2021 government registration fees, an appointed liquidator will be required to hold […]

EU removes the Cayman Islands from Annex I

By Jon Fowler, Iain Mcmurdo, Sheryl Dean, Ann Ng, Heidi De Vries, Jonathan Green, Kieran Walsh, Philip Ireland, Terence Ho, Harjit Kaur, Michael Richardson, Matthew Gardner, Anthony Webster, Sharon Yap, Tom Katsaros The European Union (“EU”) has affirmed that it considers the Cayman Islands to be a fully cooperative jurisdiction for tax purposes by removing it […]

Ireland and Luxembourg: The updated EU Annex I list

By Andrew Quinn, David Burke, William Fogarty, James O’Neal, Lynn Cramer, Rui Duarte On 6 October 2020, the EU Finance Ministers comprising the Economic and Financial Affairs Council (“ECOFIN”) announced that the Cayman Islands has been removed from the EU Annex I list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes. This update considers the impact of this […]

The CLOser – September 2020

By Mark Matthews, Tina Meigh, Anthony Philp, Callaghan Kennedy, Jonathan Caulton, Andrew Dean, Cleveland Stewart, Robin Harding, Scott Macdonald, Jonathon Meloy, Amanda Lazier, Stacey Overholt, Michael Gagie, James Lawler, Sam Ellis, Andrew Quinn, John Dykstra, James Reeve, Stephen Mcloughlin, Chris Byrne, Guy Major, Stephen O’donnell, Jan Hendrik Siemssen, Gráinne O’loughlin We are delighted to present our […]

The Regulatory 15/15: September 2020

By Christopher Capewell, Tim Dawson The Regulatory 15 / 15 is a monthly regulatory webcast released on the 15th day of each month and lasts for 15 minutes.  In this webcast, Christopher Capewell, head of our Regulatory team, will be joined by fellow partner Tim Dawson. This month’s Regulatory 15 / 15 webcast will cover the […]

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Shoospeak HR podcast – Episode 2: The rise of the cyberbully in the workplace

By Andrew Graham, Amy Leech Our Shoospeak HR podcast considers the recent increase in cyberbullying within the workplace and some of the issues employers are facing as a result. Shoosmiths colleagues Andy Graham, Amy Anderson and Amy Leech discuss the rise of cyberbullying within the workplace and some of the key issues employers are facing […]

New EU address requirement for food and drink labelling after Brexit

By Rachel Turnbull, Francesca Poole What are the changes? The UK Government has recently released guidance confirming a number of requirements for Food Business Operators (FBOs) who wish to export packaged food and beverages to Europe after the end of the BREXIT transition period. FBOs are advised to read this guidance in detail if required. This […]

What is the Schrems 2.0 case about?

By Nick Holland, Sarah Tedstone The case was begun by Max Schrems as a complaint to the Irish data protection authority, the Data Protection Commission (DPC), about Facebook in Ireland sending his personal data to Facebook’s US parent company making it subject to mass covert US surveillance laws. The case dealt with whether two of […]

Investigation against TikTok in Hungary – How the HCA takes on the tech world

By András Nagy The Hungarian Competition Authority (HCA) has initiated an investigation against TikTok, the popular social media platform. TikTok’s capacity to generate vast amounts of consumer data and shower its users with ads has already sounded several alarm bells as regulators attempt to make sense of the phenomena that is digitalisation. The HCA took […]


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