By Brent J. Arnold

Last week saw the rollout of a key piece of the Government of Canada’s 2018 cyber security strategy as the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (“CCCS”), first announced in June 2018, went live.


The creation of the CCCS consolidates government cyber security operational units and enhances Canada’s leadership role in cyber security. The new CCCS describes its role as follows:

  • Informing Canada and Canadians about cyber security matters, as a single, clear, trusted source of information on cyber security for Canadians and businesses
  • Protecting Canadians’ cyber security interests through targeted advice, specific guidance, direct hands-on assistance, and strong collaborative partnerships
  • Developing and sharing specialized cyber defence technologies and tools resulting in better cyber security for all Canadians
  • Defending cyber systems, including government systems, by deploying sophisticated cyber defence solutions [and]
  • Acting as the operational leader and government spokesperson during cyber security events.