Breaking the mould: why collaboration between lawyers and investigators will result in a competitive edge

“Some of our proposals may shock traditionalists” – so begins the Roskill Report, the eponymous government committee report published in 1986 on how the UK could better tackle fraud. One of its key recommendations was a single, unified organisation bringing together investigators, accountants and lawyers. It became the blueprint for the Serious Fraud Office (SFO).

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Deepfake: the rising risk and how to protect yourself

If you thought the phenomenon of fake news couldn’t get any worse, the arrival of the so-called ‘deepfake’ looks set to keep us all on our toes. So, what is a deepfake and how can we protect ourselves?

How to use emergency SOS on your phone

In light of the tragic news about Sarah Everard, cyber expert Constance Armand has put together some simple instructions on how to use the SOS Emergency feature on a phone.

A reckoning for the paparazzi and tabloid media

The New York Times documentary, Framing Britney Spears, ostensibly tells the story of the singer’s treatment by the paparazzi and tabloid media leading up to 2007 and her apparent breakdown but it is about much more than Britney Spears.

How to get into the legal sector in 2021

In the summer of 2017, when we were free to fly around the world, I boarded a British Airways flight to Budapest. I picked up the in-flight magazine (please no, not another perfume offer) where to my surprise, a sleek and bold advert caught my eye. My curiosity was instantly captured: taking up the whole page was the caption ‘Sabotage the Saboteur’. As soon as I could, I looked this firm up. It was Schillings.

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Terms and limitation clauses: will they be effective when you need them?

In the recent case of Balfour Beatty Regional Construction Ltd (BB) v Van Elle Ltd, the question before the Technology and Construction Court (TCC) was whether the sub-contract superseded any prior contractual relationship between the parties, or whether the sub-contract was subject to Van Elle’s standard terms and conditions.

Ireland – The pandemic has changed the world – or has it?

There is no doubt that as a consequence of the pandemic, the way we work and live has changed. Our attitudes, our priorities – they have all shifted slightly. They say the days of people working in the office are over, commentators speak of people moving west to work remotely, of hotels being repurposed, of the retail experience fundamentally changing. So yes, the world has changed, but the hard truth is that the pandemic cannot change the world retrospectively. Meaning, if you agreed to something in 2018 you cannot necessarily get out of the agreement because in 2020, the rug was pulled out from under all of us.


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