Boosting productivity through empathy

Any business that aims to succeed knows the importance of productivity. But here’s the thing: The productivity in the office highly depends on the one leading the herd. As with all teams, a team leader should have the necessary set of values and qualities to motivate, encourage, and guide their staff. While all leadership values affect the team in their own ways, there’s one value that rises above the rest — empathy.

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Working ethically: The importance of transparency and workplace whistleblowing

When we hear talk of whistle-blowers, we tend to think of high-profile examples like Edward Snowden holed up in Russia or former U.S. Army soldier Chelsea Manning. But for the most part, workplace whistleblowing doesn’t involve grand government conspiracies or James Bond-esque plotlines but generally more mundane forms of fraud and other abuses of power.

The best app integrations for Microsoft Teams to supercharge collaboration & performance

We’re several months into the “new normal” now, and it’s looking like remote work is here to stay regardless of what happens. With the huge increase in the amount of remote work going on around the globe, Microsoft Teams has seen an equally meteoric rise, climbing to over 100 million daily users over the past 5 months.

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Food & Drink Update – September 2020

Guidance on the latest food and drink rules, including post-furlough planning and workforce measures manufacturers, Brexit and the workforce – how to prepare for upcoming changes, protecting innovation in the food & drink industry, and more.

Coronavirus business interruption test case – judgment in the “insurance case of the century”

Flaux LJ and Butcher J today handed down judgment in the test case brought by the FCA to explore whether hundreds of thousands of businesses can recover under their business interruption policies for losses caused by the pandemic, in the “insurance case of the century” – the only claim heard under the Financial List Test Case Scheme. Many of those businesses will, today, be celebrating a fantastic win for them.

Cayman Islands Update: Economic substance guidance notes V3 issued

On 13 July 2020, the Cayman Islands Department for International Tax Cooperation (the “DITC”) issued version 3.0 of the Guidance on Economic Substance for Geographically Mobile Activities (the “Guidance”) pursuant to the ES Law (as defined below). This replaces the previous version 2.0 of the Guidance issued on 30 April 2019.


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