Knowing one’s own tricks best

Like the first cuckoo of spring, Tulkinghorn is sad to report the first mention of Christmas. And to mix metaphors further, just as members of the constabulary are getting younger, the Yuletide references are arriving earlier every year.

South Coast-based Warner Goodman & Streat has the dubious honour of winning the award this year for a pre-Halloween warning about the hazards of Christmas parties. The Southern killjoys are urging employers to “consider more than just venues and themes” for their staff celebrations.

“Christmas celebrations are the largest single source of dismissal and sexual harassment claims every year,” claimed employment law expert Laura Bowyer. “Companies in the South are facing problems far more serious than staff with hangovers,’’ added Bowyer, who has clearly never partied north of the Watford Gap.

“The office Christmas party is increasingly becoming a minefield for those who do not lay down guidelines for staff,” she continues. “Drink, drugs and sexual harassment problems are the most likely problems at Christmas parties and companies need to take a responsible attitude. Unwelcome advances under the mistletoe can have serious repercussions for employers; and harassment on the grounds of sexual orientation is also unlawful.”

Tulkinghorn is looking forward immensely to Warner Goodman & Streat’s seasonal bash, which sounds like a corker.