Kitchin QC, David – Hot 100

It was a vintage year for patent disputes, with two House of Lords judgments and the titanic Cambridge Antibody Technology v Abbott Biotechnology rounding off proceedings.

A select bunch of intellectual property silks have dominated proceedings, but David Kitchin QC just gets the nod after winning the landmark Kirin-Amgen v TKT on behalf of TKT. In fact, he achieved the considerable feat of charming Lord Hoffman so much that he changed the law. While Geoffrey Vos QC of 3 Stone Buildings took the lead on CAT, it is no coincidence that Kitchin provided the technical expertise.

Kitchen’s eye for detail is legendary and he has shown an outstanding ability to deal with any type of technology that a case throws at him. An energetic presence, Kitchin should be confident that his best years are still in front of him.

David Kitchin QC