Keoghs’ non-legal staff given equality

Keoghs has levelled its career structure to give non-legal staff the same status as the firm’s lawyers.

The firm wants non-legally qualified staff, such as IT and HR managers, to become associates.

HR director at Keoghs Frances Cross said: “We have quite a good staff retention rate: it’s currently at 11 per cent, which is below our target of 12 per cent. The new category is about recognising key staff and to make them more inclusive.”

The North West firm has invited applications from personnel who already occupy senior positions in a bid to give formal recognition to what Cross terms the “important contribution” they make to the firm’s success.

To qualify candidates must first demonstrate that they are able to effectively meet the needs of customers, exceed levels of service, have excellent team management skills, prove their work is cost-effective and have acceptably low levels of staff turnover.

Appointments will take effect from 1 June.