Kent practice ushers in u92,000 Arista system

KENT practice Kingsford, Flower & Pain is planning to implement a u92,000 system from Digital subsidiary Kienzle Systems.

Kienzle's Arista package will replace a set up from Ushers, used at the practice since 1985. The firm was one of the first in England to buy a package from Edinburgh-based Ushers and helped develop its conveyancing module.

Kingsfords, established in Kent in 1886, will start working with the new Arista system in February next year.

The decision was made after presentations from eight suppliers, including Ushers.

Partner Tim Fagg says the firm's needs have changed since it chose its existing software. "We needed to upgrade to a faster and much more complete system." He says a new system was also needed because of updates in the solicitors' accounts rules.

"With the desktop, we can see what everyone's doing," says Fagg.

The main part of the contract is for software, although the firm is also buying new Digital PCs. The Arista system incorporates a Windows front-end desktop, which is designed to present fee-earners with simple access to the various modules which form the package.

The software will run between the firm's existing 42 PCs over a wide area network linking offices in Ashford.

Kienzle general manager Stuart Holden says : "Enhancements and future developments that we have planned for the system should help Kingsford's to fulfil their own development objectives."