Keeping up with Jones

Sad news from up north, where it emerges that Hammonds’ former managing partner Chris Jones is selling his house.

Tulkinghorn became aware of the news when he opened an envelope containing a two-page spread from the Bradford Telegraph & Argus’s ‘House & Home’ section. Closer inspection revealed that the ‘Home of the Week’ was none other than Jones’s Ilkley pile, on the market for a princely £1.25m.

Beneath colour pictures of the “delightful four-bedroom Ilkley home” are glowing descriptions. As well as the bedrooms and the huge “dining kitchen”, study and living room, Jones has been presiding over a gym and heated outdoor swimming pool. It all looks rather nice.
But luxury comes at a price. Jones is quoted as saying: “It wasn’t really equipped for the needs of a modern family, so we’ve carried out a lot of work. If I sat down and added it up, we must have spent nearly a quarter of a million.”

Ouch. It must be a wrench to let all that go. The article in the Telegraph & Argus fails to offer any clues as to why Jones is moving on, so Tulkinghorn called him to find out. He was told apologetically that now he’s not managing partner anymore it’s not appropriate for him to comment. Not even on his own house. Readers will have to form their own conclusions.

However, they may wish to bear this odd superstition in mind. Apparently, in a cardboard tube in one of the house’s reception rooms, are the building’s original plans from 1930, when it was built by a local solicitor (good to know the place remained in the profession). Rumour has it that if the plans remain untouched, the owners would have good fortune while they remain in the house.
Tulkinghorn wonders if the good fortune extends to the owner’s place of work?