Karanović & Nikolić’s Mirko Kovač re-elected to FIC committee

The Serbian Foreign Investors Council (FIC) has re-elected Mirko Kovač to the position of Vice President of the FIC HR Committee for a period of 2 years, effectively giving Mirko his second mandate as the Vice President of the HR Committee.

In order to provide some background information, it should be said that FIC was established in 2002 as a non-profit association of foreign business investors, with the goal of promoting the kind of business environment that is conducive to creating a positive investment climate in Serbia. By collecting and sharing practice insights and expertise from around the world, FIC prides itself on being able to offer practical and concrete business recommendations, all the while doing so in an ethically conscious manner.

For the purpose of maximising their results, FIC has developed different forms of dialogue with the Government, both in terms of promoting their views in front of the highest officials, as well as through organising numerous expert-level roundtables concerned with clarifying and resolving current issues related to state administration processes.

The FIC’s HR committee is of a cross-sectional nature, as it is committed to implementing modern human resource systems in Serbia, encompassing both managing and educational policies. This committee’s mission is two-fold, as on one side it is dedicated to working on proposals aimed at removing obstacles faced by investors in the HR area, while on the other it is engaged in making suggestions on how to improve the quality of human resource systems within the country. Current partners of the HR committee in this enterprise include the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, various universities, legal offices, as well as other FIC members and consultants. In his re-elected mandate, Mirko will look to further impact the positive cooperation between the responsible bodies, facilitating the legal aspects of the process while continuing to contribute to the Council’s goals with his industry-specific knowledge and experience.

In should be noted that, in addition to the HR Committee, FIC members channel their efforts and areas of expertise across 7 other committees engulfing the areas of Food & Agriculture, Leasing & Insurance, Real-Estate, Telecommunications & IT, Anti-Illicit Trade, Legal, and Tax.