Judicial Office tinkers with tailors tradition

The judicial Office has ditched bespoke tailoring for off-the-peg after it emerged that, in a break with hundreds of years of tradition, new judges’ robes are factory-made.

Judges have had robes individually tailored since the Middle Ages, but the new collection, created in consultation with designer Betty Jackson, is understood to come in five generic off-the-peg sizes, from A to E.

However, ;the ;Lord ­Chancellor Jack Straw will still have his ceremonial robes tailor-made at legal outfitters Ede & Ravenscroft in Chancery Lane.

A source at Ede & Ravenscroft, one of the suppliers that made the old robes, said business had not been affected by the move because alterations and refurbishments of legal dress were still carried out by hand in its stores.

The Judicial Office hopes to save £200,000 a year with the new design, which was launched in October.