Judgment for the juniors

Despite a dearth of good juniors there are a number who stand up to scrutiny, says Linda Tsang

Juniors for chancery work are inevitably centred in the traditional chancery sets as well as the straight commercial sets which are known for doing what may be called the crossover work.

But as one solicitor said: “To be honest, there is a dearth of good litigation juniors at the Chancery Bar. Because it is predominantly non-contentious trust advice and written opinions, it is difficult to find a good advocate, which is why instructions often go to the well-known commercial sets.”

At Wilberforce Chambers, with the elevation of Brian Green to silk, there is room for the other juniors to vie for the position of the chancery junior most in demand.

Junior Christopher Nugee is “bench material he has a great deal of commercial sense, and is incredibly clever but what is good is that he is modest about it”.

Anthony Taussig also stands out at this set, as does Michael Tennet. Judith Bryant rates a number of mentions while Paul Newman is seen as a “rising star”. James Ayliffe and Caroline Furze are also noted.

At 7 Stone Buildings, senior junior Alastair Walton continues to impress and is “very earthy, very funny and not phased by the opposition”. Guy Newey is “very intellectual” and Edmund Cullen is “more on the commercial side”. Lindsey Stewart is “a superstar, extremely quick-witted and a superb advocate”. Michael Green and Christopher Parker are also recommended.

Another rising star is Caroline Lewis at 3 Verulam Buildings. At the same set, David Waksman is “more of a general commercial man, but is always good for chancery”.

At 11 Stone Buildings, Jane Giret and Tina Kyriakides are praised.

At Barnards Inn Chambers, Tim Bowles on the traditional chancery side has been “very impressive”.

At Michael Crystal QC's set at 3-4 South Square, Barry Isaacs is “a name to watch on the insolvency side”. At Essex Court Chambers, Susan Prevezer who was formerly at 3-4 South Square is noted for “good practical advice” with Anthony Zacaroli at 3-4 South Square standing out as “particularly good at drafting”.

At 9 Old Square, John Dagnall and John McGhee are the juniors to watch. And at 10 Old Square, senior junior Francis Barlow, Richard Wallington, Susannah Meadway, Katherine Holland and David Ainger are mentioned, with Simon Taube in great demand. He is “thorough, thoughtful and careful, ideal for complex chancery work, especially cases where you don't need a QC to sign it off, which is most cases”.

Christopher Tidmarsh at 5 Stone Buildings is also “very popular and in great demand”, as is senior junior Shan Warnock-Smith who “knows her staff, and has bags of experience, especially on variation of trusts and directions hearings”.

At 13 Old Square, senior junior Robert Powell-Jones, and Matthew Collings rate numerous mentions. Anthony Trace is also seen as standing out, as is Paul Girolami, and John Nicholls.

At the other Thirteen Old Square, Frank Hinks is “a very reliable chancery junior thorough, practical and prompt, which is not a universal quality of barristers”. Elizabeth Jones, Philip Jones, Bridget Lucas and Clare Hoffman and Philip Marshall. Also noted here are John Whittaker and Kenneth Farrow; Victor Joffe is “more of a company man, he is extremely workman-like in approach”.

For trust litigation, William Henderson at 17 Old Buildings is highly-recommended. At 24 Old Buildings, Stephen Moverley Smith is “a rising star; he is very bright, user-friendly and approachable.”

Alexandra Mason, who has just moved from 17 Old Buildings to 3 Stone Buildings is also recommended. On the property side, Wayne Clark at Falcon Chambers is also noted.

At 3 New Square, David Rowell is rated, as are Mark Studer, Roger Horne and Miles Shillingford at 11 New Square.

At Erskine Chambers, David Richards and David Chivers are also highly rated.

Also at Falcon Chambers, Tim Fancourt is the “best junior there he is very able, argues very well, is thorough and good to work with”. On the intellectual property side, Daniel Alexander is a well-known, well-regarded junior.

David Brownbill at 8 Gray's Inn Square is “very quiet but certainly bright, and very able in the offshore trust world”. And tax barrister Tom Ivory at One Essex Court is “ideal for professional negligence cases which revolve around tax”. At the same set, Anthony de Garr Robinsone is “hardworking and enthusiastic”.