Judge slams ‘dopey’ McGrigors in Reid case

Mr Justice Mann has accused Scottish firm McGrigors of “dopiness” in the advice it gave to Reid Minty founder Andrew Reid in a High Court dispute with former employees.

In a court transcript seen by The Lawyer, Mann J said to McGrigors’ silk Anthony Trace QC at Maitland Chambers: “The impression I get … [is] you were a bit dopey on your side going about it, were you not?”

Mann J was referring to Reid’s lawyers going to the wrong tribunal when they first lodged the claim.

Trace was later forced to accept the accusation in court, saying: “If your ­Lordship considers that making the wrong application is in itself dopey – ie going to the wrong place, then so be it, then of course I accept that.”

Reid became a McGrigors consultant after the non-personal injury part of Reid Minty was bought by McGrigors earlier this year.

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