Judge blasts Florida lawyers over ‘retard’ jibes

The new year has got off to a bad start for two US lawyers after they were reprimanded for using a string of insults including “jerk”, “retard” and “scum-sucking loser”.

In an increasingly vitriolic email exchange between the Florida lawyers over a six-month period beginning in May 2008, the pair also made allegations about mental health, professional competencies and ultimately each other’s families.

“While I am sorry to hear about your disabled child; that sort of thing is to be expected when a retard reproduces,” one of the lawyers, Kurt Mitchell, wrote. “Do not hate me, hate your genetics. However, I would look at the bright side, at least you definitely know the kid is yours.”

Mitchell’s outburst was in response to Nicholas Mooney’s earlier email, which suggested Mitchell look in the mirror for signs of mental disability.

“Then check your children (if they are even yours. Better check the garbage man that comes by your trailer to make sure they don’t look like him),” Mooney, whose clients include Volkswagen, replied.

Last month the Florida Supreme Court sanctioned both lawyers.

According to the St Petersburg Times, which first reported the story, Mitchell was suspended for 10 days and ordered to attend an anger management class. Mooney was publicly reprimanded and must take a class on professionalism.

Mooney is a defense lawyer at Florida firm Bromagen & Rathet. Mitchell runs his own Florida-based claimant-side motorbike and car accident boutique.