Name: Jordan Gray

Firm: DWF

Position: Trainee solicitor

Degree: LLB Hons

University: University of Strathclyde

Hobbies: Golf, Walking my Springer Spaniel and Black Labrador, Fishing, Rugby, Shooting and off road driving.

Current department: Commercial Real Estate

Number of TC applications made and interviews attended: 2 Applications, 2 interviews attended.

Why did you decide to train as a solicitor?

I don’t like the idea of being in a motionless job and not having things to strive for, but with law I feel there is always something to aim for. You also get to work with intelligent people who are fun – despite common media perceptions, lawyers are cool – or maybe that’s just my biased view.

What were the biggest challenges you faced when trying to secure a training contract?

I obtained my training contract through the DWF Summer Scheme; while this was a lot of fun at times, it was also hard work.

I had to do a presentation to most of the senior partners and I have never been as nervous as I was in the moments before I presented. Having to overcome those nerves and present was challenging. The feeling afterward however, made it all worthwhile.

What was the toughest training contract interview question you were asked (at any firm) and how did you answer?

I was asked to describe a law firm as a fictional character.

I went for Willy Wonka, I said they were creative, thought outside the box and more than anything, they hate the very notion of being like everyone else.

Tell us a bit about the type of work handled by the department you’re in at the moment…

We largely deal with lease work for large retail clients. This involves a lot of communication with clients and lots of legal drafting.

I, for instance, am personally involved in drafting Licences for Works and helping the more senior members of staff with drafting Rent Review Memorandums and things alike. I also do a lot of tax work involved with various different property transactions.

What are the most enjoyable aspects of your job?

I could say I love to draft lease documents and do Land Tax but in all honesty, I occasionally get to golf with clients, no brainer.

What about your job didn’t you expect before you started?

It is very much real life, which sort of hit me in the first couple of weeks in Real Estate. I work with some bright and talented people and they work hard and expect me to do the same. I think for me, I anticipated it to be more like University, but working at a law firm is far from leisurely.

Who’s the most recent email in your inbox from, and what’s it about?

I got an email asking me to investigate into who owns a plot of land – this involves searching the Land Register and reporting your findings back to the client.

Where’s the best place to go to get your office’s gossip?

I have never cared about gossip and I don’t intend to start.

Describe your training partner in three words.

I REALLY don’t want to make his ego too big but I am going to go for: “An excellent Lawyer.”

Tell us two truths and one lie about yourself (in any order).

  • I am a scratch golfer.
  • I love the law.
  • I enjoy watching old movies.

If you had not decided to become a lawyer, what career would you have chosen?

An astronaut, who doesn’t want to see the earth from space?

What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue a career in law?

Try hard at school, don’t follow the crowd in life (they will just cause you bother), and read lots of everything (nothing is useless information).