Jilted Wilde Sapte receives offers from Andersens' rivals

Wilde Sapte has been approached by three big six accountancy firms and three “perfectly credible law firm suitors” since its talks with

Andersens failed, according to managing partner Steve Blakeley.

Blakeley e-mailed all his staff last week to reassure them. He said: “Now the Andersen deal is over it might be easy for us to lose sight of the quality and strength of our practices and instead to feel rather unwanted and unloved…

“Since the press reported the end of our Andersen plans I have been telephoned by six firms expressing a keen interest in exploring a deal with us.

“Three of these are Andersen's rival big six accountancy firms and the other three are perfectly credible law firm suitors.”

He said the approaches showed “these firms believe Andersens has lost a great opportunity and that the attractiveness of our firm may even have been enhanced over recent months rather than dented.”

Price Waterhouse and Dibb Lupton Alsop are known to be interested in the firm.

A source at Deloitte & Touche said one partner there had rung Wilde Sapte last week to “find out what went wrong”.