James Hickey's Cannes diary

Sunday opened with a morning screening of Some Mother's Son co-written by Jim Sheridan and directed by Terry George and ended with a beach party after the screening of the The Van directed by Stephen Frears and written by Roddy Doyle.

This year London firms are hunting in packs; I spotted three lawyers of Richards Butler, four of Marriott Harrison, four of Olswang and two of SJ Berwin.

My last meeting before leaving on Thursday was with Fred Turner and George Heyler of Rank Heyler, part of Rank Film Distributors, which recently provided substantial finance for the latest Noel Pearson film Gold on the Streets.

Channel 4 gets the award for the best lunchtime beach party and scores top marks for funding wholly and partly Irish films such as The Disappearance of Finbar and A Further Gesture both of which benefit from section 35.

The London branch of chartered accountants Deloitte & Touche hosted a seminar at which the Labour spokesman confirmed that the Labour Party would adopt an open policy towards incentives for the development of the film industry.

There was much talk of Irish success. Greater levels of activity in the UK usually mean more activity in Ireland as well. Roll on the talent and the tax breaks.