Jack of all trades?

Having recognised that “people are specialising too early” the firm is looking at ways of giving its young blood a “more rounded” experience at Links’ boot camp.

After the largest number of redundancies in the profession’s history, you might think this more Continental European approach would be welcomed –  the more skills a lawyer has the more he/she can be moved between practice areas.

But not according to our readers, who have filled our message board with criticism of the idea.

Such as this from Anonymous at 10.09am: “So who loses out as these associates get more expensive but not all that more experienced in any one area? Clients…And who wins?…The partners, since they don’t have to get rid of so many people, and can move people around when departments get busy.”

Is it not prudent for law firms to hedge themselves against vulnerable markets? And since clients have been calling all the shots of late over fees, aren’t law firms justified in changing the way they operate?

You decide.


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