Iyer’s made of the write stuff

Tulkinghorn was reading the weekend papers and came across a book review for The Betrayed by one Andrew Iyer.

The name of the author, whose book is about kidnap, murder, extortion and violence all down to a painting, had been niggling away at Tulkinghorn’s mind.

An advert on the pages of this magazine cleared up matters: Iyer is a dispute resolution partner at Ince & Co.

An accompanying press release said: “The author, Andrew Iyer, is a high-profile and successful City lawyer, with a history of celebrity girlfriends.”

So who are these celebrity girlfriends they’re talking about? Michael Caine’s daughter Natasha is one apparently (is she a celebrity?) but Iyer’s keeping shtoom on the others. If you know any more, please email to the usual address.

Iyer does indeed have an interesting history with girlfriends: in 1995 he hit the headlines when his then girlfriend, a former model, was being stalked.

Iyer was her knight in shining armour. No wonder he gets the girls.