It's painful to be beautiful

Sticking with the marketing theme, appearance is obviously of vital importance to one's personal branding.

Take Shearman & Sterling's former head of European acquisition finance Stephen Mostyn-Williams, who is known for being something of a snappy dresser.

A recent experience of our friend Mr Mostyn-Williams offers a salutary lesson to readers that there is more to being a dedicated follower of fashion than simply buying the clothes.

Mostyn-Williams recently took up a new post at Landwell, the associated law firm of big five accountants, Pricewaterhouse-Coopers.

He thought it only proper at one of his first and very important meetings to sport his new pair of Prada shoes. Unfortunately, he hadn't quite got to grips with the extra-long pointed toes (it's fashion, darling) and went – how can one put this delicately? – arse over tit, on the way up the steps to said meeting. Not a very dignified start now, is it? Tulkinghorn recommends sensible brogues – dignified yet stylish and no pointed bits to trip up on – a style classic.