It's hard to be humble

Eversheds' new Manchester office is open and ready for business, and the firm is feeling just a little bit pleased with itself.

Not only was the competition to find a name for the building a roaring success, with the inspired "Eversheds House" the victor, but the firm has decided to issue a guide on how you and your firm could also have such fantastic accommodation. In its brochure to herald the new office, the firm offers a guide to building your own "Eversheds House":

Step 1: set up a law firm (some background experience may be required).

Step 2: advise on the law in a straightforward, enterprising and effective way.

Step 3: repeat Step 2 until your client base has expanded enormously and you need to employ hundreds of staff.

Step 4: realise that you need bigger offices.

Step 5: acquire land and build a large office like Eversheds House.

Step 6: move in.

Sounds easy, doesn't it? There is, of course, another vital ingredient if you want to emulate Eversheds – you must always be sickeningly smug and congratulate yourselves at every given opportunity.