It’s Cable vs Cleary

If Vince Cable has really declared war on Rupert Murdoch, he’s going to have to get through the crack antitrust practice at Cleary Gottlieb first.

Even if the idea of Iron Vince taking on News Corporation brings to mind an image of Botswana fluttering the fist of its military might in the vague direction of Russia, his task has been made even harder after Cleary secured European Commission clearance for News Corp’s BSkyB takeover (see story).

Sure, most of the world thought Murdoch already owned Sky, but when it turned out that his stake in the purveyors of Premier League Football and Fantasy Celebrity Love Island on Ice (still in development, allegedly) was a trifling 39 per cent, the meejah mogul was quick to swoop.

Of course Cable, the soon-to-be former cabinet member, is likely to provide stiff opposition in the form of petitions, appearances on the Today programme and meaningful glances across select committee rooms.

We’re sure Hogan Lovells – the firm acting for News Corp on Ofcom’s investigation into the deal in the UK – will be shaking in its boots.


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