It's been a good week for…

Prisoners in the US, who can now turn to the guards trying to strap them into a "stun belt" or restraint chair and tell them that they are almost certainly violating the International Treaty Against Torture. A United Nations monitoring body has urged US officials to abolish these devices which are commonly used to transport prisoners. AmnestyInternational has asserted that in one case, a judge ordered that a prisoner was given an electric shock while appearing in court.

Law students at Oxford, who could have interesting debates about the legal definition of "sex" with their new professor. Soon to be ex-President Bill "I did not have sexual relations with that woman"Clinton (above) could be returning to his old alma mater, Oxford, where he famously declined to inhale. Clinton, who once taught law at Arkansas University, is reported to be taken with the idea of spending time in Oxford. University officials said that there was enormous interest in persuading him to become a visiting lecturer.

About a thousand judges, who are to be given laptop computers and wired up to the internet. The new cyber- judges are to be given online access to European Court of Human Rights rulings and UK decisions soon after they occur. The initiative is to help the judges cope with the forthcoming Human Rights Act.

The artist formerly known as, and now legally entitled to call himself, Prince. At a news conference in New York, the pop singer announced that he would be calling himself Prince again after ending a seven-year battle with Warner Brothers Records. He had switched his name to a symbol in 1993 as part of the battle over the company's control of his music.