It's been a good week for…

Jeff and Jennifer Bramley, who have won the right to keep their two foster daughters. The Bramleys hit the headlines last September when they disappeared with the children after Cambridgeshire Social Services told the couple they would not be allowed to adopt the pair. In a ruling this week, Mrs Justice Hogg said they could keep the girls until at least spring 2001.

Jack Straw, who cleverly remembered that part of the Prevention of Terrorism Act had been inoperative for the past 15 months because of errors in drafting the act in March 1998. The keen-eyed Home Secretary picked up on the oversight when a legal academic wrote up the mistake in a journal which was faxed to the Home Office.

… and Fateh Rechachi, a suspected Algerian terrorist, who because of the mistake had charges against him quashed and is now expected to apply for compensation.

Tony Grabiner QC, whose elevation to the Lords as a working peer has come just in time. He may have lost his chance of succeeding Derry Irvine as Lord Chancellor but at least now that he's not just a QC he won't find his pay capped under a new 'Irvine idea' whereby QCs would lose the right to premium rates of pay based on their rank.