It's been a good week for…

Cletoris, Clafoutis and other bizarrely named French children. A French judge has forbidden a family from calling their child Zebulon, the French name for Magic Roundabout character Zebedee, after a prosecutor invoked a law allowing the state to intervene if a child is given a name judged to be against his best interests. The prosecutor argued Zebulon would "suffer inevitable sarcasm and mockery".

Juries. They may be under threat and have been criticised for being clueless about the legal process, but at least one Old Bailey jury will be well-informed this week. Ian Maxwell, son of the late Robert, is doing jury service in the same courts where he spent seven months on trial for conspiracy to defraud pensioners, before being cleared. Apparently, court staff greeted him like an old friend.

Asylum seekers. The Government is avoiding a dose of double standards over its policy on refugees (welcoming Kosovan refugees with one hand and enacting draconian benefits policies for asylum seekers with the other) following a threat of rebellion by Labour MPs. The Government now intends to tone down the Immigration and Asylum Bill.