It's been a good week for…

Conspiracy theorists, after a jury ruled that the murder of Martin Luther King (above) was not the work of a lone assassin. The finding came at the end of a trial brought by the King family who filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Loyd Jowers. Jowers claims that he handled money paid to a man other than James Earl Ray to kill King. The jury found that there had been a conspiracy involving Jowers.

More mature lawyers. Michael Addezio struck a blow for older lawyers when a judge agreed to postpone a trial after Addezio said he was not fully prepared because the papers had only arrived at his home at 10.25 the night before. "I am 65 years old and too old to sit up burning the midnight oil," he said.

Court dress standards. A murder defendant refused to appear before Torbay magistrates until his just-washed clothes had dried on his cell radiator. Steven Gill appeared 45 minutes later.