It's been a good week for…

Fast driving lawyers. In what is a victory for every lawyer with a half decent car and no consideration of their fellow road users, a Cardiff jury found that a businessman who was driving his u73,000 sports car at 140mph was not guilty of dangerous driving. His lawyer Nicholas Jones said: "This was not dangerous driving. Even if Mr Tyre was driving at 140mph that is not dangerous either. It is a case of an experienced driver in a car in very good condition, not drunk and displaying no loss of control."

Specialist corporate and media law firm Marriott Harrison which sent us a bald press release somewhat mysteriously stating it has been advising the makers of the Star Wars prequel The Phantom Menace. The Lawyer understands that lead partner Billy Hinshelwood along with Phil Rymer and Mark Pybus has advised that Luke's father should actually be a good Jedi knight before turning over to the dark side and that the Wooki should fall in love with a mysterious princess from the planet Endor.

Legal secretaries, with a new survey showing that those working for managing partners are earning between u22,000 and u29,000, those working for an equity partner earn between u21,200 and u26,000. Furthermore, 53 per cent of secretaries are getting subsidised gym memberships.