It's been a good week for…

BBC lawyers, who are scouring Des Lynam's contract to see whether the BBC is entitled to compensation over the former Match of the Day presenter's move to ITV. Lynam's contract ran until the Olympic games in 2000.

Gay rights campaigners, after Home Office minister Jack Straw signalled his intention to give government recognition for the first time to same-sex couples. Following the Admiral Duncan pub bombing in Soho which killed three people, Straw is changing the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority rules so that it recognises partners of the same sex. Compensation was given to Julian Dykes, whose wife Andrea was killed, but not to Gary Partridge whose partner John Bright died in the bombing.

Mental health patients prescribed LSD. Manchester firm Alexander Harris is acting for ex-patients prescribed the hallucinogenic drug in the 1960s, who claim the treatments ruined their lives. Writs have been served on 15 hospitals and health authorities in England and Wales.

The Government's criminal justice reforms, which have reduced the amount of time it takes magistrates' courts to deal with offenders from three months to 30 days on average, according to Home Office minister Charles Clarke. The reforms, introduced as part of the Crime and Disorder Act last year, include placing Crown Prosecution Service staff in police stations to speed up offenders' first appearances before the courts.