It's been a good week for…

Lawyers involved in the BSE public inquiry which is expected to cost u25m and has been delayed for a year.

General Pinochet, who may be entitled to u1m in legal aid. Apparently the General has only a modest pension and relies on hand-outs from his supporters.

Cloning. A heated medico-legal debate is likely to follow a UK doctor's application for a licence from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority to artificially create identical children from a single embryo then freeze one of them. The House of Lords is due to debate cloning on Wednesday.

Ridiculously long and drawn-out cases. It has taken 11 judges 11 years at a total cost of u500,000 – including u100,000 from legal aid – to come to a conclusion on a "hedge and ditch" dispute over an 87 ft by 6ft piece of land worth a few hundred pounds. The not-very-earthshattering-verdict of the Law Lords is that the boundary line between two pieces of land runs along the edge of a ditch beside a hedge and not down the middle. Lord Woolf would not be amused.