It's been a good week for…

The Princess Di law industry, which is set to launch a whole new raft of cases against companies looking to market a range of "novelty" gifts. Lawyers from the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund have written to dozens of companies to try to stop them manufacturing souvenirs including flick knives, cigarettes and a driving licence carrying the date of her death.

Good citizens in Liverpool, who this week saw three teenagers face charges of anti-social behaviour. The three are accused of urinating in public, climbing onto a roof and loitering with large groups of youths. Liverpool City Council has set up a 12-strong anti-social behaviour unit including lawyers, a police officer and housing officials. The city's initiative was praised by Home Secretary Jack Straw, famous for his own campaign against "squeegee merchants".

General Pinochet, who may be spared having to leave his new home in the Home Counties if the families of eight of his alleged victims have their way. The relatives of the Italians who disappeared in the 1970s are hoping that the former dictator can be tried in his absence. They have presented evidence to the public prosecutor in Rome who can decide if the trial can proceed without the accused present.

Ian West, who won the cost of five hundred tablets of Viagra as part of a u600,000 damages settlement against Bromley Hospitals NHS Trust. West, 27, who had been a promising athlete, has severe and life-long sexual, bladder, bowel and leg disfunction. He sued the trust over negligent treatment for a slipped disc in January 1994. The u7,500 payment is thought to be the first specifically for the anti-impotence drug.